KiCad design rule (.kicad_dru) examples and documentation (your questions)

At KiCon2020 it sounded a bit like the new design rules system is this obscure, cryptic feature - but fear not! It’s pretty badass, and since I’ve been using its capabilities for a project that just got pushed out the door, I think it’s time to give back a bit.

I’m working on a set of design rules examples. This might also be a good time to share your questions and challenges, and we can figure out how to implement the corresponding design rules together.

Either your questions will contribute to the documentation of KiCad, or they’ll help find things that need to be ironed out, or even inspire future additions.

Example: with design rule scripting, we’re moving from clearances per netclass to a human-readable and sparse description of a clearance definition that easily surpasses the humble clearance matrix: clearances can now be layer-sensitive, consider inter-layer restrictions and can be localized to elements of the layout (like differing rules within zones in user layers).


First design example is available, touching on KiCad v6 design rules for clearances (sparse definitions and fully parametrized clearance matrix).

DEX_MRHW0000 - basic line filter


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