KiCAD Crashes Rebuilding Board Connectivity

I changed my schematic so I went and exported a new netlist and went to PCBnew where I had already laid out my circuit and read the new netlist. Then I hit the “Rebuild board connectivity” button and KiCAD quits on me. Tried this a number of different times with different netlists for the same circuit. I’m running KiCAD 4.0.7 on OSX 10.11.6

Not sure what the problem is, I built my circuit perfectly from a netlist but now when I go to change it everything crashes. Any help or suggestions appreciated!

Hello @remote1,
I am neither OSX user nor KiCad developer. I would try to start OS in safe mode and try the same conditions again to check, if it has something with hardware drivers or OS.

Any good reasons for clinging on to 4.0.7?
There are known bugs in that version and the developers won’t be releasing a 4.0.8 as they are focused on 5.0.2 and the coming 5.1.x

That’s a fair question. Had trouble downloading V5 but turned out my internet connection was slow and terminating the download. I have it downloaded but in the middle of a project and a little worried about switching if there’s a problem my all the libraries and parts I’ve made. Maybe I should just make the jump:)

@remote1 None of the library parts have changed format with the upgrade to version 5. HOWEVER, there are some changes that can affect an upgrade.

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As this is open source and no cost to the end user the developers are only fixing bugs in the latest version. This forum is volunteer and we will do what we can to help but we also don’t want to try and support multiple versions.


@remote1 The major changes that affect the upgrade is an organization change. You might want to read this FAQ before you decide to upgrade to get ahead of any potential issues:

I see you said that you are on OSX. I don’t think 5.0.2 is quite ready. Looking at the thread on the developer’s forum it looks like it is almost ready, they are just finalizing some packaging details. But there shouldn’t be any reason not to upgrade to 5.0.1 and install 5.0.2 when it is ready.


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