Kicad crashed and quit when Change Coordinate in PCB

Here are my develop enviroment:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04
  2. kicad 5.02

Which OS? …looks like Ubuntu?
Which KiCAD version?
What exactly were you trying to do?
Can you repeat it?
Did you try to use another KiCAD version or…?

Also we’re a user run support forum and crashes/bugs are usually just confirmed here by other users - they will NOT BE ACTED upon by the developers.
To reach the developers you have to create an account over at launchpad and post your bug report there.
But again, the developers will need more details than a simple screenshot - that’s as useless as going to the doctor an stating you have ‘a pain’.

PS: I’m unable to play those videos. And can’t even understand the problem as it’s all in Chinese :frowning:

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Ubuntu 18.04 and 5.0.2 were give in the OP, but with Ubuntu we really need a bit more detail from “about KiCad”
I tried changing coordinates with 5.0.2 on Windows 10 and no problems.
There are a few recent crash bugs on 5.0.2 pcbnew which have been fixed in Master.
At this rate we may need a 5.0.3 depending on 5.1 timescale

5.1 is expected early next year (2019). If this holds then 5.0.2 will be the last of the 5.0 series.

Let’s hope so. I have got into the habit of saving frequently in pcbnew due to the right click on lower layer crash

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