KiCAD crash when use 2 monitors PC

**Hi… I note that te KiCAD crash when send the schematic window from one monitor to other. **
It’s a solution?
Thank’s a lot

Which KiCad version are you using? Which operating system?

In Kubuntu 14.04, 18.04, and 20.04 it works fine with every KiCad version.: v4.0.7, v5.1.5 and v5.99-dev-nightly

Working fine 5.1.x on Windows 10 also

Version 5.1.5 64 bits on Windows 10 64 bits

This is the screenshot of the schematics before crash. When I send the escreen to the secondary monitor after a few seconds the entire KiCAD Crash.

Note: the monitors are of different size…

How do you have two schematics windows open at the same time?
My workflow is schematic on one monitor and pcb on the other

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David… the screenshot is when the KiCAD crash!..
This is th bug!.. or this is the problem.

There have been some bugfix changes in window sizing and positioning in 5.1.6, so you should try it.

So you actually have a single schematic window and when you drag it you end up with a “ghost” after the crash?

Yes David!.. Only one schematic window

Nop eelik… still bad in new version… I posted to developers the list of bugs.

Are the monitors different DPI? Try disabling automatic canvas scale in preferences.

  1. Are the monitors connected to different GPUs (internal and one on PCI bus)? If yes is it possible that the second monitor is on GPU which does not support th opengl standard that KiCad requires
  2. Is this still happening if you turn off acceleration? Switch to Fallback canvas and try again?
  3. How does the pcbnew behave if you move it to the second monitor?
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Yes the two GPU was different ATI Radeon 3000 (mother) and GeForce 9500 (PCIE). But I think both support OPENGL

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