Kicad: Configuration by Convention : model 1

I will just start a definition …

Model 1 requires Kicad 5.1 and later.

Reference R1: Library management in KiCad version 5

Model 1 is just setting out what I want to achieve. Others may prefer model 2 or 3 which they can work out.

First a definition:
A Library-bundle (think of a better name) is a folder holding a collection of libraries each of which holds a collection of symbols.

Model 1 will look like this:

_________Kicad_library_bundle (protected)
_________Digikey(say)_library_bundle (protected)
_________User_general_library_bundle (not protected)

Note 1. User_general_library bundle can be used by any User project.

Note 2. Digikey is a work in progress (as they say). I installed it from gitHub (after painfully figuring how to do that). As of writing, they don’t have a footprint for thru-hole C. I expect they are trying to figure how to get sensible smart dimensions from their parts database. In summary, it is a work in progressvand may have errors

A library_bundle holds many Kicad Symbol libraries

(R1)Every symbol library consists of two files. The .lib file defines most of the symbol (graphical elements like pins and lines, symbol fields like the default footprint, …) The .dcm file holds the information that can be specialized for every symbol alias. (Description, keywords and datasheet link)

If I go back to a user library I created a few days ago, and insert a symbol from it, I see I have two collections, one called Robins_Kicad_library and the other called Robins_parts_library and a child of folder …\Term 4.4.

My .pro file is …\Term 4.4\Term the folder includes Robins_parts_Library.lib, Robins_parts_Library.dcm, and Robins_parts_Library.bck.

I observe that default libs are put in the project folder beside the .pro.

Now, when I go to insert a part in Choose symbol, I see Robins_parts library lists 6 symbols including (as examples) 74HC166 and 74HC4078.

But (R1) says a library holds one symbol where I see 6.

I think I am calling the 6 symbols in a (folder?) a Library_bundle

And as I consider Digikey, it would seem there is further packaging. They might put a collection of library_bundles into a top_level_library_bundle and apply the protection at that level.

Choose symbol deliberately hides this sub-structure and only identifies sources to the library_bundle level, e.g. Robins_parts_library.

If there are errors assembling this list, (as I recall) it does not say where they originate. There is an option to ignore to get past them, but then they are gone if you use it. The offending symbol just becomes a no-show!

Let me pause for breath here and ask for help with the above before continuing with defining my model 1.

You have misinterpreted R1, a symbol library file holds several symbols.

I guess the wording could be changed a bit to make that clear.

I quote (R1) says a library holds one symbol where I see 6.
Then (R1) is wrong and misleading. It should say a library may hold one or more symbols.

Once, I get the definitions correct, I can move on towards definfing my Model 1.

Screenshots might make your descriptions clearer. I also get the feeling you have kicad set to a language different to english which might make following the help provided a bit harder.

It does not say that.

Every symbol library consists of two files. The .lib file defines most of the symbol …

I think you have joined those two sentences and in your mind that means “a symbol library is the symbol”.

Unfortunately I think if you are confused by that, I think written instructions will not help you, you will need to have someone show you while sat at your PC.

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Ah i think i now understand what this “R1” stuff is about (R1 is a bad name for referencing citations as it can be easily confused with a typical reference designator for a resistor)

Screenshots are still a good idea.

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What is a better way of doing this?

I mean editing stuff I have written. Is it better to write this as a document off-line, then just reference it. I could put it on Google:
"Google drive - Share a file publicly
If you want anyone on the internet to search for, find, and open your file, you can publicly share a file. When you publicly share a file, your name will be visible as the owner of the file.
1. Click Get shareable link .
*2. Next to “Anyone with the link,” click the Down arrow *
3. Click More and then On - Public on the web .
4. Click Save .

    • Choose the level of access you want people to have. [Learn more about how others can view, comment, or edit files.]*
      5. Click Done .

People who aren’t signed in to a Google Account show up as anonymous animals in your file…"

I would just change (R1) to Ref. 1 and avoid confusion.

Any suggestions?

The forum has a quote functionality. Or you know use standardized good old email referencing (square brackets with numbered notes. The same as the IEEE citation style)

I am not practiced in this stuff. Isn’t it easier to put a doc somewhere on the Internet and then just use a link in the forum?

If there is a better way, please give me a few more detailed pointrs.

Your time is not what matters if you want help. You need to make it as easy as possible for the volunteers trying to help you. If you make us jump through hoops to find out how to help you then we will just ignore that question and help somebody else.

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