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I wonder about make KiCAD more modern. Modern electrical design packages should has special site/server for exchanging footprints/symbols between users. You create footprint? So you can instantly add it to the server - another users can grab it and implement in their desings. You need new STM32 symbol for scheme? You automatic get it from server.

What do you think about this idea?
I can take part in it beacuse i’m C++/C/C#/Python programmer.

With best regards,
Sławomir Kozok.

Hi Slawomir,

Are you aware of the github repository that essentially does this?

e.g. for schematic symbols

and e.g. for footprints (etc)

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IMO you will help more KiCad communities by joining to a KiCad Developers group with these skills. KiCad still has many bugs to fix, for example.

Next to this you can also help in libraries anyway. Carl Poirier and his followers at KiCad Library Commiters also will be happy to receive you.

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