KiCad Community Chat - Wednesday March 25

With most of the world on lockdown, it might be a good time to reach out to our community and share interesting things we are working on. Maybe a schematic or board? Or just join to chat about KiCad.


Join the meeting:


Great idea. Looking forward. In a new thread, I’ll add details for another meetup I’m doing on Saturday.

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Well, I got fired on Friday (actually, hours reduced to 8 hrs/week, but I see that being cut in half before long).

I’m thinking about picking up the “Discrete Opamp Open Design” project I dropped about 6 years ago.

Does anybody have any experience doing (paid) KiCAD work from home as a contractor?


I like the first reply. “Thanks.
Can you please post the Eagle schematic?”

Awesome, thanks for organizing this @Seth_h

@ChrisGammell hope you can join next time

@Seth_h I would love to see your work in progress on curved traces next time you do a screen share. I’d show up anytime of day for that :slight_smile:

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Oh, good idea! Next week I’ll do that

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Really sorry to hear that Dale. I don’t have any suggestions for work from home circuit contractors but I do recall an Amp Hour episode ( with some folks who have some experience here.

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@Seth_h same time this Wednesday?

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