Kicad-cli does not export old sch files

kicad-cli is awesome, I could test it here right now and it is wonderful, thanks for allowing this to happen.

I am just missing one feature… being able to export an old schematic file

And as an improvement, it could also export “all” the SCH pages and/or PCB layers in individual files at once passing the base name of the filename.

Unfortunately, it does not export .sch files, it could support this since it already has this feature inside the code.

➜ kicad-cli-nightly sch export svg --black-and-white --no-background-color board.sch
Failed to load schematic file

It could support this feature as well, right?

Old schematics suck and I don’t even want to go down the rabbit hole of handling symbol rescue errors or other things that could be lurking in that code path. That’s why it’s not implemented. If some other dev wants to, they could.

But this is already done in the kicad, you just have to call the function.

It’s not that simple, unfortunately. Right now when we load old schematics we depend on there being a GUI to handle the various library errors that can occur.

I guess it would be reasonable to do best effort there and just error out if there are issues/missing/broken symbols explaining you have to use GUI to read that schematic.

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Reasonable? yes.

One line of code? no.

As Mark said, if someone else wants to take it on…

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