Kicad - change via pad to IC's pin pad


I am designing PCB in kicad. I am trying to change the via pad bit same as IC pin’s pad. I didn’t get success. i googled but no similar searches.

Here is in picture, i want to make PAD 1 same as PAD 2.

i checked the following link as well but i can’t see pad same as IC pin pad after change.


Just increase via size and via drill to your normal pad’s values and you’re good.

Via/drill size is set in the Setup/Design Rules.


i tried that, but here it look like in 3d view,

i want to solder wire on via’s. Because i am preparing single side pcb.

I changed the via diameter and drill size but pad is not big enough to solder.
I want to make via as IC pin pad same as PAD1.


Right click on the via and choose properties. You can set the diameter and the hole size separately.


i tried that too…
but same result…


Put the footprint for a single pin connector on the track and lock it. Probably screw up the DRC unless you add it in the schematic but it will give you a solder connection.


i am using single connector pin. problem is solved in layout.
Got DRC error for those pads.
Do i need to worry about DRC check?


You can just accept the error. My question is this though. If you want a wire pad, why not add that to the schematic? That is the way I’d do it because something connects to that wire and the schematic is the documentation. Personally I’ll use jumpers or connectors in the schematic and then assign a footprint. That doesn’t mean you have to fill the footprint on the board. Test point through hole pads are another option for footprints.


The pad that you made for your via is large enough for soldering, but the issue here is what you are seeing is the via “tented” by soldermask (the green stuff). If you are having these boards professionally made you would want to select “Do not tent vias” when exporting your gerber files. If you are making the boards by hand and won’t have a soldermask applied, don’t worry about it. You’ll have a decent annular ring to solder to. Also, if you aren’t planning on having soldermask applied to your board, you can turn off “Show solder mask layers” in the 3D viewer display options to better visualize what you will (should) end up with.

Additionally, if you are having these boards professionally made, why are you limiting yourself to 1 copper layer? Most PCB vendors (even the dirt-cheap vendors) won’t charge any less for 1 layer because they start with a double-sided board blank. Check out for pricing options from lots of different vendors.


This is actually common in open source stuff where people may be considering others that may want to etch their own boards.


I don’t think KiCad allows oval-vias, but you can set any diameter Drill/Pad, on a round via.
As mentioned above, to solder that on a masked board, you do need to turn off mask over vias.


i will make changes in schematic as well as it will be helpful in future.

Thanks. I will check pcb vensors but if i make pcb locally i will get in very cheap rate. Some people provides screen printing for single side board which cost very low for prototype boards and it is without shipping.


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