Kicad capacitive sensor board has been sent to be made. Need help with Python code on GitHub

kicad board has been sent to be made
python code help needed on github

[edit JTS]
added a ‘CR’ into the text line, to make more sense

I changed the title. As this is a GPL3 project i will allow this for now.

The GitHub does not make any sense.

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I don’t know what your native language is, but what you manage in English comes over as VERY confused and incoherent.
Any chance you could spend a bit more time and flesh out complete sentences, read them and try to explain yourself better?
Every time you post you’re setting off all kinds of flags…

PS: if you need help programming in python (and it’s not related to KiCAD) you might want to seek help in one of the programming forums.
Stackoverflow comes to mind.

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