KiCad BOM Wizard Plugin with customisable output (Can make HTML and CSV BOM)


Still nothing. I think my full path from before wasn’t right. Nodejs is in C:/Program Files/Nodejs.

Since I used the windows installer, I shouldn’t have to run anything in the command prompt for nodejs, correct?


Got it working now except for the page settings -date, revision, title, company, etc don’t show up on either the html or csv.

Ended up entering: npm install -g --production kicad_bom_wizard from within the node.js command prompt and saw that the path it used was different from where I had extracted the KiCad_BOM_Wizard. I recalled Pok, earlier in this thread, had the same file path. That’s what I used.

Still don’t understand it, but it works well enough I guess.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Ryan,

After extracting did you run the npm install inside C:/KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master?

Also, I’ve just noticed a mistake I made on the instruction for installation KiCad_BOM_Wizard via git hub download

The instruction should have been:

cd KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master
npm install -g --production kicad_bom_wizard

where it actually said.

unzip -d KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master

This parameter -d KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master had the side effect of unzipping the project inside a subdirectory with the same name as the parent directory. :frowning:

C:/KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master/ KiCad_BOM_Wizard-master /KiCad_BOM_Wizard.js

  • Ron


So far I have been unsuccessful in using the plugin and would like to upload my npm-debug.log. Is there some way to do this as a new member?


Use any cloudservice of your choice and add the last link as text. Or read a few topics until you reach trust level basic.


Hiya, I’ve just replied to your email :sweat_smile:

If you want you can sent it to that email address and I’ll post here for you.

Which OS are you using?


When I tried to use KiCad_BOM_Wizard I got as far as the success message but there were still an error telling me to install npm in the Wizard directory. This surprised me because is was already installed and responds to commands. When I attempted an installation I got a lot of errors. Here is the npm-debug.log.


I am using Windows 10.


Hiya I can see the issue. The plugin is missing some dependecies. Using windows Command Prompt, you need to to install them by running the npm install command inside of the plugin folder.

In your case, it like this:

cd "c:\users\daniel\ strang\documents\kicad_bom_wizard-master"
npm install

This should install the missing dependencies.

_ Ron


This does not work because the user is “daniel strang” which has a space
in it. What do I do now?


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Ok Ron,

I did it slightly differently which seems to have worked although it
didn’t before. The Windows command window opens in c:\users\daniel
strang so I started from there and navigated to the
kicad_bom_wizard-master folder. Then I typed “npm install”. This time
I got no errors. When I ran the plugin it gave no errors and, for the
first time, created a cvs file. I am not sure what sort of program I
need to use in order to read that file. I tried Open Office which tried
opened it in Calc mode. No list of parts appeared only some directives
about various parameters placed in the various collumns. How can I view
this file properly?




CSV means comma separated values (usually human readable).

OpenOffice-Calc would be perfect for that (if there is no interpretion going on), but any text editor would do to look inside and make sense of it (hint: notepad).


Thank you for the information. I found it also on Google last night. I just tried looking at the csv file in notepad. There doesn’t seem to be any data about components only formating information and a long list of unreadable stuff. Here is the link to my file on Drop Box. Would you be able to look at the file too just to see if you can make anything out of it?


That’s an HTML file.
Check out it’s header:

< html>< head>A2< style>body{…

Rename the extension from .csv to .html and open it.
Should look like this:

PS: CSV BOM files usually look something like this:

Manufacturer Name,Manufacturer Part Number,Customer Reference,Quantity 1



I am able to see your CSV file and it looks normal.

However, “notepad” cannot properly display files of UNIX style (CR LF convention related), and I guess that’s why you only saw a single line from the file. You may wan to install “notepad++” and use it.


That’s wierd! You’re absolutely right and everything’s there. Why am I not getting a csv file?


What is the command line you use for the BOM creation?


node “c:/users/daniel
strang/documents/kicad_bom_wizard-master/KiCad_BOM_Wizard.js” “%I” “%O.csv”


disregard this post of mine, till my brain starts working again :slight_smile:


@hippo By default the plugin will use the HTML template to create your output file. If you want csv, then you need to add the CSV command at the end.

Here what you need

node "c:/users/daniel 
strang/documents/kicad_bom_wizard-master/KiCad_BOM_Wizard.js" "%I" "%O.csv" "CSV"