KiCad blows up my PCB layout, when I make component changes Solved

Re: 4.0.7
I have had this problem before and learned that I need to select Change, for Exchange Footprints, and Delete, for Keep Extra Footprints, when reading the netlist into the PCB.

On the schematic, I have already deleted the unneeded resistors and reconnected their traces to ground. I deleted the netlist and generated a new one.

No matter my Exchange Footprint and Keep Extra Footprint selections, when I read the netlist into the PCB, the component location appears to be maintained, based on the component reference name, but the footprint is changed to something else… I take it that it is the footprint to which the reference name has been reassigned.

This is backwards. The footprint type and location should be maintained and only the reference name should change.

I have been a KiCad user, for a good while. But, I am stumped. What to do?

I do not see a way to up load my files?

Select by timestamp then instead of by reference.

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That works! Thank you.

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