KiCad blog posting

Interesting activity, including a secret new feature


Interesting and good to see more exposed Road Map.

What was the " new feature created by the CERN developers Tom Wlostowski and Maciej (Orson) Suminski " ???

No summary or screen shots ??

obviously they won’t spill the beans just yet… exciting :relaxed:

Exiting! Liked this statement from the roadmap: " (when in doubt about any particular UI solution, check how it has been done in a certain proprietary app that is very popular among OSHW folks and do exactly opposite)." :grin:

That paragraph has been in the roadmap for some time.
Still true though, Many CAD package UIs still show DOS ancestry and some big OpenSource projects like LibreOffice are still tweaking their UI at each dot release in an attempt to be more logical and consistent