KiCad and FreeCAD in Space!

just a post I noticed at the FreeCAD forum about KiCad and FreeCAD working together :smiley:

Hello again, I am Manthos From the Libre Space Foundation (creators of SatNOGS). I have postpone this post a lot of times for many reasons but I think that the time has come. Last year, LSF designed, programmed and built UPSat the first completely open software and open hardware satellite. The project started from the university of Patras but the university failed to deliver it on time. LSF came to the rescue and design built almost all parts of the satellite in a 7 month period. The biggest part of the mechanical part was already made by the university in a proprietary software. A part that was missing was the communication antenna system and the placement of the GPS antenna. So, an antenna deployment mechanism was needed to be made. After a lot of prototypes and back and forth between FreeCAD and KiCAD the final part was ready.
All the parts and changes tracked in github.

Credit: NASA

This I the first beacon we received from UPSat in space! (Means that everything went superb!!!)


That is incredible!
The next one should have an exterior like the Tardis!

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