KiCad and FreeCAD collaboration for enclosure design and 3d printing (yt tutorial)

I’ve just found a nice and very detailed video w/ timestamps on MCAD collaboration, designing a PCB enclosure for 3D printing with FreeCAD and KiCAD w/ StepUp WB

The blogger yt address


There is also a nice new FreeCAD book (available as a free PDF)

FreeCAD is the number one free software 3D design program, and this PDF guide is the best way to get started with it. We’ll take you from absolute beginnner to advanced user, going from the basics of drawing a line and making it 3D all the way to parametric design, importing objects from photographs, designing for sheet metal, and loads more.

They added also some interesting sections for FreeCAD workbenches… like:

KiCadStepUp (FreeCAD: Working with circuits An open-source workflow for electromechanical creations) pg.68-73,
Meshing (Getting Meshy in FreeCAD Get your designs ready for 3D printing, CNC milling, and more) pg.74-79,
SheetMetal (Sheet folding in FreeCAD Let’s look at an amazing workbench that makes working with sheet metals, or other foldable sheet materials, simple to CAD) pg. 86-91


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