Kicad 8 possible issues


I noticed a few issues:

  • Pad X/Y coordinates: it was really useful click a pad (for example an IC pin) to see its X/Y coordinates and align a component connected to it.
  • If I zoom 20x my pcb and select a component on the schematic, the component highlights on the pcb but the zoom changes to 5. Did I miss something ? Else, can the zoom be preserved while focusing on the component itself ?
  • One resistor and one capacitor got their references changed to text fields. Deleting both components on the pcb left the remaining texts visible. I had to delete both components and texts and uptate from schematic to fix this.
  1. PCB or Footprint Editor? If you enable PCB Editor / View / Properties Manager and then select a pad, you see all the pad properties, including coordinates.
  2. This is called Cross Probing and there are several settings for this in the preferences.
  3. confused0024
  1. Ok :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Never mind. Thanks !
  2. Thanks. Works great after disabling both “zoom to fit” in sch and pcb properties.
  3. Dunno how this happened. Has anybody reported this ?

Dunno how this happened. Has anybody reported this?

There is no open gitlab issue similar to this description.
Opening a new dedicated gitlab issue would only be useful if you could describe it more exactly, especially the reproduction steps are needed.