KiCad 8.0 slow/lag etc?

Has anyone else noticed this?

In the past the main slowdowns I got were loading the FP or symbol libraries, but these days it seems those have improved a lot, but loading schematics, PCB layouts and the 3d view of the PCB layout all seem to be much slower than in the past (and this is on a much faster computer than I was using KiCad 4/5/6 on). I can’t comment much on version 7 as I didn’t run to a whole lot.

My install is pretty much stock other than adding my footprint and symbol libaries, and on Windows 11 (could also be a difference).

By slow I mean a relatively simple PCB takes about 2 seconds to open the 3d view or schematic, and the PCB layout editor takes about 10 seconds.

As you can see nothing too crazy going on with the PCB other than track fillets and filleted PCB edge. (It’s a PIC32 based LED strip controller).

On a PCB of that size all operations should be “nearly instantaneous”. I am getting slightly sluggish (but still usable) behavior when I open the Olinuxino A64 Rev-C (Which is my “benchmarking default” It’s a 6-layer Linux board with DDR3 and such. (More complicated then I would ever make myself. My PC is an AMD 5600G, (Passmark rating around 20000) and it is relatively modern, but nothing special.

Maybe you are having problems with graphics acceleration. Do you have Accelerated graphics turned on? (Also for the other Sub-programs for KiCad).

You should also verify you have the latest graphics drivers installed. Apparently this seem to be a problem mostly on Windoze, but I don’t know further details.

Doesn’t appear graphics related, as its still slow with either setting and it was on initially ( i just tested without acceleration after receiving your message).

Not it takes several seconds after clicking the PCB tool… for the loading window to even pop up… and this is installed on an SSD too so no spinning disks getting in the way or anything like that.

Pausing AV protection doesn’t speed it up either.

AMD GPU driver is 8/24/2023
Intel driver is 5/24/2023

So not brand new but not the original drivers or really old ones either. It’s an Intel HD 630 + WX3200 so… those driver days should be fine as they are relatively old GPUs. Edit this driver is 1 quarter behind the latest driver for the AMD GPU.

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