KiCad 8.0 - Pin helpers - how to use this feature?


I was so excited when I’ve seen this tool in “what’s new” page/video.

However I have no clue how to use it.
I can’t select just few pins of the placed component (just whole component or nothing)

I guess I do something wrong. Some setting probably?

I got Win10 if that matters.

Which way are you dragging?

If you click and drag to the left, then ANYTHING inside of the bounding box gets selected. This means if even the edge of the symbol is in the selection box, it gets selected. (Which is how the GIF on the release blog shows it, unfortunately.)

If, however, you click then drag to the right, only elements contained ENTIRELY inside the box will get selected. So you can drag around the pins and select them but not the symbol.

I’m aware of difference in right/left dragging.
Problem is that I can’t select one (or many) single pins in any package.

If I place a wire from the pin(s) and do “right-drag” only wires are selected - not pins.


I didn’t know about the pin helper feature so have tried it out and also having the same issue as you. It’s impossible to select multiple pins without selecting the whole component.

OK. Found reason.
That was settings problem.

This checkbox must be unchecked. :slight_smile:

Topic can be closed.


Topic can be closed

Not so fast, please.
I would like to use this topic to make some advertising for feature request allow selecting pins despite setting "click on pin selects symbol" (#16273) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab. It would be nice if thousands of users could support this wishlist item.


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