KiCad 8.0 has serious crash issues on Mac M1

In the Mac M1 environment, all versions of 8.0.X have serious crash issues. Specifically, in the project interface, there is a 50% chance of crashing when clicking to open the schematic editor, PCB editor, or symbol editor. Currently, in one of my projects, updating schematic information in the PCB editor causes a 100% crash.
I have the same issue on both of my Macs. The phenomenon is that starting another editor while already in one editor will likely cause a crash, regardless of the starting location, even during the process of modifying a package. I have tried reinstalling, but it did not help.

It would help if you listed the Mac M1 model you are using, RAM, OS X version, etc…

I have not seen any of this on my M1 Max MacBook Pro running OS X 13.6.7.