Kicad 8.0.1 Fillet Track and Tear Drop

Hi Guys.

I had a couple of questions.

Is there a way to revert a filleted track? It seems like a one way operation and if you need to make any adjustments after its a rip it up, route it again and then curve it which is pretty frustrating for fine tuning.

The second question relates to filleted tracks and tear dropping.

You have here the normal 45 degree traces into pins with tear drops.

When I then fillet the trace it appears like below

Then when I go to edit tear drop to get it to regenerate the tear drop disappears like below

These are the tear drop settings:

So the questions is can I use tear drops with filleted traces? and if so how?

One final note I’ve seen is that you must rebuild copper fills before doing the tear drop regeneration otherwise the tear drops get destroyed like below:

My theory is that because there is only the allowance to let the teardrop span two segments and the filleted trace has more than that to get enough length to create a teardrop it just cant make it.

I’m seeing the same/similar thing . . .

On the project thats failing, did you migrate it from v7? I know i did mine, wondered if thats maybe why the test project can’t replicate.

Just in case anyone else having the issue, the work around i’m using right now is the following steps

  1. Refill copper
  2. Edit → Teardrops → Ok
  3. Output gerber → do not refill planes
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It was “migrated” from a 7.99 nightly so effectively a pre release V8