Kicad 7 Testing - DRC Routing Issues

I’ve just installed the latest Testing version of Kicad:

I updated to this version to address the Grey 3D render issue reported here:

It’s fixed the 3D render problem, but I’m now seeing a huge number of DRC errors. These seem to occur where a track is changing direction. I’m hoping this is a bug, and I don’t have to re-layout my board. That would be a significant amount of rework, for something that passed DRC on Kicad 6.x.x and Kicad 7.0.0!

In the interim, I’ll probably just switch back to 7.0.0

Actually, I think I see what’s gone wrong. I seem to have lost the ability to assign nets to netclasses:

My databus nets are all meant to be assigned to the Data netclass, which is meant to have clearance of 0.18, but all nets seem to be assigned to the Default netclass.

Have a look at this thread (nightly was pre 7.00 release)
Netclasses now use pattern filters rather than individually adding nets

So something like /0* would get nets 00 to 09 on the top sheet


Ah. Thank you for the link. That’s fixed it for me.

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