Kicad 7 task bar

Is there a way to customise the top task bar in anyway?

In Kicad 7 an icon has been added for spice simulation that I would like to remove or move. I don’t do spice simulation so don’t need it.

No problem if not but would be quite good if the task bar could be customised.

KiCad does not have customizable taskbars yet. KiCad’s development is quite amazing, but there is a limit to what the programmers can do in the available time.

If it really annoys you, you can probably remove it with a bit of hacking. I seem to recall that all icons are packed together in a zipped archive. If you can identify that file and remove the icon from it, then KiCad can’t show it, and the rest will probably still work.

Edit: Oops, I assumed no space would be reserved when the Icon was removed, but I trust that someone with a KiCad badge on his Avatar knows better than me.

Then it will still have a “clickable” area with a question mark for the missing icon AFAIK.

If you want to build from source, you can add the -DKICAD_SPICE=OFF.

I think there is a feature request about this though.
Maybe also further plans… I am not sure about that last TBH.

Not a major issue I’m sure I will get used to it being there,
I have got used to my workflow working along the icons from annotation onwards. Will just have to miss that one out.

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There is already a open feature-request regarding customizable toolbar: gitlab-issue #9852 (Feature Request: Able to customize the toolbar (#9852) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab).

But the developer statements sound like it’s a more complicated task, so I don’t expect it soon.