KiCad 7 switches Language without my doing

I am a beginner and use KiCad 7 under MS-Windows 11. Unfortunately I have a problem with the language settings: I installed KiCad 7 with the default settings and when I start the program, all program parts (schematic editor, symbol editor, footrinteditor…) run in the system language (German). While working, the language switches to English - without my intervention. If I change the language from English back to German during operation, there is no reaction. I assumed that the change would take effect immediately. This does not seem to be the case. Only when I restart KiCad everything runs in German again.
Why does KiCad switch the language without being asked?
My English is only rudimentary. Therefore I use as translator. Please don’t be surprised if my expressions or grammar are not quite correct.
Thank you very much for your help.
With kind regards

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It simply can be a bug.
When new main number version is released (like 7.0.0) it likely has bugs that are then fixed and fixed with 7.0.1, 7.0.2 and so on.
V7 had a delay just before being released. I don’t know details but I can imagine that developers in harry were fixing bugs that were noticed just prior to release. At the moment everything looked ok V7 was released.
But there certainly are still bugs in V7. May be you just found one. You can report it.

I didn’t installed V7 yet.

Working in English can help you to learn it and help you report bugs to make KiCad better and better.

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