Kicad 7 RC1 is hiding from me?

Am I the only one who cannot find the download link for Kicad 7 RC1? I see that people are using it but I’ll be damned if I can find it anywhere in the download page. Google cannot find it either. I’m looking for the Win64 version. Thanks much =)

There is no separate download. KiCad-nightly has been rebranded to V7.0-rc1.
For me it came with regular updates (on Linux Mint) and it replaced V6.99. Others are apparently able to install it separately and have now 3 different KiCad versions installed.

It would be good if the team would add a link to their news release, as this is 30% counter-intuitive and many people could end up in a spin rather than making a smoothie to celebrate. Thanks then. I’ll download the latest Nightly!

Okay, I uninstalled my previous 6.99 nightlies and then re-installed today’s nightly, and it automatically went into folder %programfiles%\KiCad\7.0 which is fantastic! I’m thrilled about finally being on the genuine 7 branch now! Great work by the KiCad and Library teams!

What this does on Windows is to create a new desktop icon, which looks very similar to 6.0 and a new 7.0 directory structure in parallel to 6.0 and 6.99 under Documents/KiCad
I copied my experimental 6.99 projects over and uninstalled the last 6.99 Nightly. There shouldn’t be any more 6.99 builds.

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