Kicad 7 Issues exporting BOM

I am trying to export a BOM. I was previously using the BOM script suggested by JLCPCB. here: A KiCad BOM script for generating JLCPCB PCBA-compatible files! · GitHub

I have upgraded to Kicad 7 and now this script is no longer working Giving me the following error.
Oddly enough, none of the BOM export tools are working. My day job is uploading BOMs so if the format isn’t perfect it isn’t a huge deal, I just need to get a BOM spreadsheet out. But that plugin had been working perfectly with Kicad 5 and 6, so I imagine it is probably user error. Hopefully y’all can help point me in the right direction.

KiCad 7 does not ship xsltproc anymore. You have to provide your own or switch to other bom scripts.

Sorry but I have no idea what xsltproc is. I just downloaded the script and have been using it for a few years, do you have any suggestions for how to “provide your own” xsltproc? or any ideas for other BOM scripts for JLC BOM export?

xsltproc is an application that is not specific to KiCad as it is used for general XSL transformations. The one in my Linux distro comes from Home · Wiki · GNOME / libxslt · GitLab and a link near the bottom of the page points to binaries provided by the Windows port maintainer: - Libxml

Or you could use non-XSL based converters often written in Python. JLC themselves provide a plugin for exporting BOMs if you search their pages. It’s also in the plugin manager catalogue I believe.

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