KiCad 7 -- How do I drag a selection of components and traces?

First off Thank you KiCad team for an excellent product.

I have a 2 layer PCB, I wan tot select an area of the PCB that I have already routed, and drag it and its contents “over a few inches” on the board. I totally understand that dragging these components will result in the traces “feeding” the area to cross, but that’s OK, I will clean that up later…

I am trying to use the D key for dragging, but it will only seem to drag one of the traces in the area I have selected. What am I missing?

Thank you !

Hi badassloumd

I would try to drag with the ‘h’ or ‘m’ key pressed

H or M key… Now I have something to learn… What do these keys do?? (I will look this is a rhetorical question!)

M for move – but the traces will not rubber band… H switched layers … still no drag

<What do these keys do??

try it out or read the manual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sorry, i mean ‘g’ not ‘h’

You cannot drag multiple footprint with attached traces yet. The drag footprint feature only works with a single footprint at a time, it was initially designed for “nudging” a single footprint around slightly, not for moving an entire section of a board with attached traces. For that you will need to use the M key and then delete/reroute the affected traces that leave the selected area.

I cant drag more than one trace. If I drag a selection box around a bunch of stuff nether the D or G key do anything – My guess is that I have something set wrong or I am doing something else dumb…

M will only select the traces on the top layer. I swear that there used to be a way to do this in kicad 5 or 6…

You hit H because @stefan_test suggested it, but this key turns on single-layer view mode, which prevents selecting items off the active layer. Hit H a few more times until all the layers are full-color and try.

dragging multiple footprints and/or tracks is not supported.

It’s acknowledged as feature-request, (see: Wishlist: Allow dragging multiple parts with tracks attached (#11312) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab), but currently no one is working on that topic.