KiCad 7: Has anyone gotten OneKiwiTech/kicad-length-matching: Track Length Calculator working?

When I try to install the plug-in from the plug-in manager it just hangs on “Installing Pending” (see image below). I suspect that there may have been a change in KiCad 7 that broke the install.

I’ve also downloaded the plug-in manually by pressing the “Download” button on the Length Matching but I’m still trying to figure out how in use the manual downloaded file.

I have about 30 signals that go through a mess of parts that need the signal path to be the same length and I found this tool when I was starting to attempt to write my own.

It doesn’t hang, it will install the plugin when you click “Apply Pending Changes”. You can schedule multiple packages to be installed and then install them all that way.

There is “Install from File…” button. But it’s better to install from repository, that way automatic update check will work.

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