KiCad 7 - global libraries migration


I need to update my KiCAD version from 7.0.0 to the latest one. I am concerned that I may lose all of the libraries I have added. And somehow I could not find the fp-lib-table and sym-lib-table files, mentioned here:

So… what is the best approach to migrate my custom libraries (stored alongside the built-in global libraries) and the configuration files that keep the paths to the symbols, footprints and 3D models?

If there is an option to convert them to local ones within the project scope, this will also work for me.

Upgrading within 7.0.x will not affect library configuration.


Does this apply for MacOS? I mean… when I install the new .dmg package, won’t it overwrite them?

You can upgrade the application bundle without losing your settings and library configuration. Those are stored in ~/Library/Preferences, not inside /Applications


If you mean you actually put custom libraries inside (where the built-in libraries are) you should take them out of there, because upgrading will delete them. Custom libraries should be stored somewhere in your home folder (KiCad offers by default to put them in Documents/KiCad/7.0, but you can choose any path)

If you just mean that you added custom libraries to the global library tables, you don’t need to worry.

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@retiredfeline @craftyjon
Thank you for your helpful responses!

In addition, make a backup copy of your configuration directory, especially if you’ve changed a lot of settings such as a custom library setup. With such a copy you can easily mark any changes made with a sourcecode merge program such as for example meldmerge and of course also do things like merging your personal settings into a factory default configuration. KiCad’s configuration files are human readable S-expressions and most of it is self explanatory when you read them.