KiCad 7: Comprehensive Keyboard Hotkeys / Shortcuts? Work Arounds?


I’ve been using Altium for several years.
I love that most actions can be achieved without using a mouse, but instead typing something like ‘ajeh’.

I’m trying to get a gauge of how comprehensively keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts are implemented in KiCad 7.

I vaguely remember reading that they aren’t that comprehensive.
If this is the case, are there any workarounds?

Is it possible to extend with Python scripts or something… are there any reliable ways to add any presumed missing shortcuts?

Thanks : )

KiCad does not have chained shortcuts like altium does (there’s a feature request open for it though).

Having said that, you can assign a traditional keyboard shortcut to pretty much any action in KiCad - most do not have default hot keys assigned due to the number of available actions (chained hot keys would help here).

You can see the list of available actions and edit the hotkeys assigned to them in preferences.

I’m not sure how python would help here. The hotkey system isn’t scriptable but you can assign whatever hotkeys you want by hand.

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