KiCad 7.0 testing, getting error message when trying to refesh Plugins in P&CM

Using recent 7.0 testing, I’m getting “URL using bad/illegal format, or missing URL” when trying to refresh Plugins list via Plugin and content Manager.
The URL seems legit (KiCad official repository

Anyone experiencing same issue?

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I don’t get that on 7.0.8-56-g9260f58803, windows build. How recent is your build?

I’m on:
Application: KiCad x64 on x64
Version: 7.0.8-79-gccf6e78cd5, release build

After removed the default repo, and added it back, it started working.
The URL seemed fine, something must have been garbled deeper down.

EDIT: well, too fast. When I click “refresh”, I do get the error back.