[KiCad 7.0] DNP Flag Behaviour


KiCad 7.0 will have a DNP Flag (see details here) that modifies a component that it is “excluded from any KiCad generated placement files”.

In my opinion, the exclusion of a DNP component should take place on BOM level, not on placement file level. After all, the DNP component does have a footprint on the board and therefore also a position.

The DNP mechanic could look as followed

  • DNP components are marked in the schematic
  • DNP components are excluded from the BOM
  • DNP components’ 3D models are not shown in the 3D viewer

This is basically the current “Exclude from BOM” behavior + marking in schematic + removal from 3D viewer. Any opinions?

Nice idea to open a dedicated topic, we started to talk here:
KiCad: The case for Database driven design - #202 by craftyjon
about that but i think a dedicated topic is more appropriate.

Right or wrong i don’t know, like many other things it must be decided on the use case.
This is how i do it up to now:

  • in the component database i have, there is a field ‘do not place’ that i fill in when i place parts on the schematic.
  • the field is extracted in the BOM i send to the manufacturer, the P&P file contains the position of the part.

so the manufacturer is in charge of modifying the P&P file that i send him, i’m not particularly happy about that, there is a ‘grey area’ of responsibility in the process… things can go wrong (and indeed has gone wrong several times :slight_smile: )

KiCad V6 has two checkboxes for this in the symbol properties:

so you can either exclude it from the BOM, the PCB or both.
I have used the “Exclude from board” to add some things (such as for example a potentiometer) connected with wires to a connector on the PCB. Having it in the schematic makes the schematic “complete”.

Yes, the current (6.0) behavior of “Exclude from BOM” + marking in schematic + removal from 3D viewer is what the DNP flag should do in my opinion.

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As of today, the DNP flag in 7.0-rc1 only greys out the part in schematic editor and remove the 3D object in the viewer. I have just tried exporting the BOM and all DNP parts are shown.

Edit: I created an issue: Part is exported when DNP is checked (#13466) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

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