KiCad 7.0.5 Leaving Instances in Memory after Termination

Upgraded to KiCad 7.0 and now at 7.0.5. The more I use KiCad the longer it takes to open the PCB Editor. Opened Task Manager and found several instances of KiCad running after the program has been terminated. Checked several hours later, and instances are still there.

Running Windows 10 on my computer.

Ken Greenwood

Some bad plugins are known to cause this. If you have any, try removing them and see if the issue persists. Also it’s safe to kill those process from task manager.

May I know which plugins? For example

I don’t have specific examples but if I remember correctly kikit had this issue and some others. They may be fixed by now, I haven’t checked.

Basically any plugin that creates windows or dialogs and doesn’t destroy them properly will lead to kicad process not exiting cleanly.

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