KiCAD 6 roadmap for Spice?

I poked through the epics list on gitlab ( to figure out which changes (if any) were planned for the spice functionality in V6 but did not find any. Nothing planned or did I overlook it?

At any rate, where would I go document my wishes for spice integration and functionality?

There is not currently an epic for SPICE because currently nobody is signed up to work on it. You can see from the issues list if you filter by the ngspice tag there are plenty of requests in the queue:[]=ngspice

ah, didn’t think to filter on that - thanks. If I add my wishes, is it more acceptable to break big ideas up in smaller/small chunks or leave it as truly epic?

Please create one issue per idea, but ideas can be big or small. It’s okay to have one issue for a big idea if that idea is hard to decompose into parts.


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