KiCad 6 overview of Zone Nets

is it possible to show the assigned nets of multiple overlapping copper zones in KiCad 6?
In Version 5 it was possible to show the nets of multiple zones by right clicking them.
The Clarify dialogue showed all the assigned nets. (In this example all zones are GND)
See attached image:


Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore in KiCad 6.
Is there another easy solution to check the nets of all your copper zones at once?

It is – to force the “clarify selection” menu, long-press instead of just clicking.


Thank you very much.
Is there a documentation for the new control features of KiCad 6?
I didn´t know that there is a new long press action.

This one is currently missing from the docs – I’ll file an issue so that we remember to add it.

It’s briefly mentioned in the pcb editor docs, but definitely missing from the schematic editor docs.

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