Kicad 6 How to draw a straight graphic line

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place. It is my first post.

In Kicad 5 you can just draw a straight line vertically, horizontally, or diagonal by holding down “Control.” In Kicad 6, is there a way to do this? When I start drawing a line and hold Control, nothing happens. Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome.
Don’t be sorry, this is the right place.

To draw a line. select “Add connected Graphic Lines” (towards bottom of RH toolbar) then left click for start of line and use the four arrows on your keyboard to go up, down, left and right.
Same for PCB but with diagonals.

Read “Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys” for all the changes.

For anyone wondering.There is Shift + Space will keep it constrained or unconstrained.

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Ah, thanks. I thought something to help draw a straight line might be what I need after having had a drink too much. :crazy_face:

Whoa, thanks! I had no idea this existed.

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