KiCad 6: Geographical Reannotation

Continuing the discussion from KiCad 6: Just published my BIG preview review:

@eelik: in your comments on Peter Dalmaris review, you mention Geographical Reannotation. In what form does/will it exist? A new feature? A plugin?

Its already in 5.99

tools -> geographic reannoatation


Thank you! Neat.

I didn’t know as so far I only use KiCad 5, I just try to get list of planned features from different sources of information and so far I never seen this one explicitly listed. Very useful it seems and from what I read, when done, it requires sync from PCB to Schema.

Yes, naturally, otherwise the reference designators wouldn’t be in sync between the schematic and the PCB. “Backannotation” is a new feature (at least partly) and changed reference designators must be backannotated to the schematic. I don’t have KiCad at hand, but IIRC backannotation after re-annotation was an option in the dialog but it was somehow problematic there, so now you have to first use the Geographical Reannotation dialog and then Update Schematic from PCB.

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