Kicad 6 file conversion to legacy version

I have my Kicad files created in Kicad 6 version. My manufacturer only supports Kicad 5 files version.
Is there a way I can save my project in KiCAD 5?

No, there’s nothing build-in for that. If your manufacturer supports Gerber, you can of course export them with v6. if your manufacturer really only supports v5, you need to either use v5 or get your manufacturer to update to the newer version. v5 is no longer supported very well (if at all) by the KiCad team.

Which manufacturer? We can also reach out to them and see if we can help them update to v6

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It is

CircuitHub is working on V6 support (I also asked them about this)

EDIT 2022-06-17: CircuitHub just launched support for KiCad 6 files.

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