Kicad 6 - duplicate sub-schematics with swappable part units

I have only recently swapped to Kicad (now 6) so am not that knowledgeable about it. I have a schematic intention I am not sure how to deal with, if at all.

Looking at it as simply as possible, there is a top level schematic (A) and two lower level schematics (sub-A, sub-B) (a hierachy), both of which are identical and are just included directly in A. I haven’t seen specifically how to create identical copies of ‘sub-schematics’ but I guess I can do it by creating one and then duplicating it (?) .

I am assuming that the benefit of identical copies would be that editing one would automatically update the other?

However, each of those sub-schematics contains two op-amps, but the (quad) op-amp to be used for both does not contain four identical swappable units, because it has a fifth one - containing power and ground. There does not appear to be a way of saying in a part that units A-D are identical and swappable but unit E is unique - or maybe there is but I do not know it (?) .

So, it seems to me that sub-A will need to contain - say - op-amp units A and B, and sub-B will need to contain units C and D.

In that case though, sub-A and sub-B are no longer identical - they explicitly contain different units.

Not sure how to get around that apart from having to accept that sub-A and sub-B are not identical sub-schematics?

People might say “well, use two dual op-amps instead”, but that isn’t really the point, I am trying to see if and how what I would like can be done in Kicad, because it has general application.

What you want is done all the time. In the two instances of the subsheet, you can edit the reference as well as the unit. So one instance could use units A and B and the other units C and D. So you don’t have to waste chips. You could even have U1A and U2A in one sheet and U1B and U2B in the other. But the allocation is not automatic. In fact you have to edit the ref otherwise there might be duplicates.

OK, thanks, but I guess that is my point?

You do have to specifically set which units you want in each sub-schematic, so the sub-schematics are no longer completely identical?

They still use the same subsheet file, no additonal files are created, just that the references are parameters if you like.

Thanks for your help.

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