KiCad 6 "Configure paths" default values

I am new to KiCad (always used commecial applications) , but now planning to move to KiCad.
I purposely started with the 5.99 version (fully aware that it implies a risk), but I do not want to invest time in 5.x version, setting up a workflow and then probably when it is settled have to change/learn again for v6.x
Another reason to start with v5.99 is the availability of the RPI carrier board design.

Anyway, the reason for this post. I was looking into the directory structure for my libraries. Opened the settings dialog and noticed some inconsistencies.

KICAD6_FOOTPRINT_DIR -> directory is called “modules”
KICAD6_SYMBOL_DIR -> directory is called “library”

imho calling it “footprints” and “symbols” is quite common. What will be the final naming convention for KiCad6 ? Footprints/symbols or modules/library ?

v6 will use footprint consistently, the word “module” has been purged from the code base :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the symbol library path has changed. KiCad has been a bit a ambiguous about “library”. Bear in mind that the installers are implemented separately, so may take a while to catch up.

I test KiCad pretty often and have custom setups and have to handle path variables. This annoys me. I would prefer libraries\foootprints etc.

The current naming is what it is for historical reasons. It’s of course a very minor thing.

I think I am liking the “pool” idea. Assets are discovered by an indexer (so there could be an arbitrary folder structure), and KiCad uses the metadata to work out what the assets are (footprint, symbol etc), and what version they are suitable for.

Maybe in v8 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.
I started to create some custom libraries, which leads me to another question.
I created a directory structure for footprints and symbols on some data drive. I was planning to keep them under version control (Copied the “original” KiCad libraries there as well)

I noticed the library names itself are stored in sym-lib-table and fp-lib-table in the Windows user…roaming I folder. This folder I usually avoid for saving ‘custom’ items.
So moved those 2 table files in the tree next to the libraries. Is this not possible ?
I get some options when I open an editor, but I can not select another table file or path.

How to deal with this ? Any suggestions ? Or can I just forget the table file and can it be recreated from a library directory ?

The only option I see if you make a link within a filesystem

You can set KICAD_CONFIG_HOME environment variable and that will change where all kicad configs are, including lib tables.

Added KICAD_CONFIG_HOME to the path variables, which works as expected :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly you’ve put the path in KiCad/Preferences/Configure Paths. This setup might result in strange behaviour and is not supported. KiCad will take basic config info from %APPATA% subfolder and the rest of the configuration from KICAD_CONFIG_HOME path. So your configuration files are split.

It is better to set system wide environment variables. Either user or global.