KiCad 6 can not create a ground plane

Hello I tried to create a ground plane on both of my layers using the tool “Add a filled Zone” But after I try to fill the frame there with “Fill Zone” nothing happens. I’ve already tried the function in a new project, everything works fine there, so the problem is probably with my PCB.
Does anyone have a guess what it could be? Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome @ChessHelp

I don’t see a defined board outline surrounding your footprints.

to expand on this: KiCad only fills zones inside of board edges. so if you define any edges around your layout you should get your filled zones.

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You need not to connect pads that are at the net that you add as Fill Zone.
Have you selected the GND net for your fill?
Is any GND pad on your fill so it have something to connect to? As standard islands of fill that can’t connect to any pad are deleted.

I must have been in la la land giving only half a reply. :upside_down_face:

In KiCad V5 starting with each PCB I used GND fill out of PCB to hide GND connection lines (only one from outside to insied left). That helped me (working out of PCB border) to right place group of footprints and make connections in the group and then move the whole group inside PCB. I don’t want to see GND connections as I use whole bottom layer as GND and each pad I want to connect to GND I just do it by via just near that pad.
Here screenshot from V5:

There is only one filled zone at my picture.

I have just checked it. You are right now it is not possible. Fortunately together with switching that possibility off we got the other way to hide GND connection lines :slight_smile:

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