Kicad 6 board migrating to Kicad 7

having used Kicad 6 for some time, I installed kicad 7. One of my projects has four separate pcbs. I designed them in Kicad 6. Three of the boards moved to Kicad 7 correctly and I am able to edit them as normal in Kicad 7. The fourth board has not migrated correctly, it is all highlighted (in PCBNew) in purple./pink and the toolbar items for lock and unlock are greyed out. I am unable to edit this board, it is as though everything is permanently locked.

Is there something else I should have done in the installation of kicad 7? I opened the board same as the others and saved it to convert to new format.

Any help appreciated.

Tony Osman

Are you able to post a section of the PCB?

No. KiCad V6 designs should just open without any fuss in KiCad V7. Some new ERC and DRC checks may complain a bit about things like mismatches with libraries, but those should all be trivial to fix.

From your description it appears to be some bug, and that is hard to nail down without a project that reveals the bug. So you have a few options.

  1. Post the project here, as jmk suggests.
  2. Directly open an issue on gitlab. They will also need the design, but the topic can be confidential.
  3. Take a service contract with It’s not free, but you you get better service.
  4. Wait for others to solve the bugs. If I had a company that depended on KiCad, I would not update to V7 until V7.0.1 or even V7.0.2 was released.

The most obvious to me is 1). If we can confirm the bug, then it will probably result in 2). But it is possible there is some setting we can find as a workaround, or “other”.

I will open an issue on gitlab. Here is a screen shot of the pcb as seen in Kicad 7.


I noticed the Selection Filter at the bottom right only allows Locked items. Normally it shold be All items.

Indeed. When everything is turned off in the selection filter, you just can’t select anything.


But is it the reason or a result of the problem?

Developer time is a precious resource for KiCad, and there does not appear to much “intellectual property” in this design. If changing the selection filter does not help, then zipping the project and posting it here is the quickest way to get an answer, and you don’t have to tap into a precious resource.

OP when you post your board, also include the original from v6 (you have a backup, right?) so that we can see if everything gets locked when we open and save in v7.

I had a similar issue… I was able to unlock the footprints only using:

  1. ‘Ctrl+ F’ (Find using the Reference i.e. DB1)
  2. ‘E’ (Edit the footprint and change ‘locked’ checkbox)

I had no other way to select the object, without using this trick.

@paulvdh my selection filter was enabled to select everything

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