KiCAD 6.01 no symbols/footprints in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, on my Ubuntu 20.04 I cloned repos from git: symbols, footprints and 3dmodels to the correct /usr/share/kicad folder. I’m able to see the symbol names, but when I click on them in the dialog, it doesn’t show preview of the symbol or it is not possible to add symbol by clicking OK.

I previously had kicad-nightly but I removed it from my system and deleted all the environment variables like KICAD6_SYMBOL_DIR so the Configure paths point to the correct directory.

Thanks for any tips.


I might have installed KiCAD 5 before, but I’m testing this on the new project.

I tried to follow [SOLVED] I can not get symbols out of library to put on my Schematic but with no luck.

Deleted ~/.config/kicad, restarted Kicad 6.01 and this dialog appears, but I cannot choose the first option which is suggested in the thread above.


Seems like I got it working. After I selected “Create an empty global symbol libary table” I wen’t to Symbol libraries, footprint libraries and clicked on the folder icon and added all of them. Then it started to work.

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