KiCAD 6.0 Plugin and Content Manager, SSL error

I recently upgraded to KiCAD 6.0 and I am enjoying the new design. I wanted to add a few of the plugins from the KiCAD official repository. I can get a directory of official plugins in the Plugin and Content Manager, select them, and see that they are marked as “Pending Install”. When I click “Apply Changes” I get a dialog box with error messages indicating a failure to connect by SSL:

Downloading package url: ''
Failed to download url SSL connect error
Downloading package url: ''
Failed to download url SSL connect error

This recent discussion is probably relevant, however, it is closed. And the people who posted did not really supply answers that I was able to use. Hope someone can guide me. Thanks!

I was able to download from my web browser and I’ve attached one of the files. So it looks like some kind of proxy problem or… at your end. (26.1 KB)

PS: Are you able to download the files with a browser, and does the content manager support install from local zip files? That may be one way around the problem. Ah I see you’ve discovered the workaround yourself.

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Thank you very much @retiredfeline, I was able to grab the plugins using my browser as well. When I got the SSL error, I assumed that I would also be unable to access the GitHub URL’s. But I did access them. I downloaded the plugins (they’re ZIP files), and they installed using the Install From File option in the Plugin and Content Manager.

I’ve used the Round Tracks plugin on KiCAD 5 before. The Round Tracks icon appeared on my menu bar in the PCB Editor when I started it up.

ReplicateLayout is new to me. So far, I haven’t found any documentation. I’m browsing for a user guide. (Yes, I happen to be a Python programmer – but do I really have to examine the source code to figure out how to use the plugin?)

As the author of the plugin I am sticking to the saying “Real men don’t read documentation, much less write it” :smiley:.

Joke aside, the documentation is planed, but basing upon previous experience when you release the plugin there are a lot of requests for additional features at the start. And if you add features, you should also document them. But for generating the documentation for my plugins this requires generating a lot of graphical contents (screenshots, …). And I really hate redoing this. SO I prefer to wait for features to stabilize and then write the documentation

Additionally, all of my V6 plugins are a port of V5 version of a plugins and they had some basic documentation.

Last but not least, I am currently putting my spare time into porting Save/Restore Layout plugin, and when this is done, I’ll start with documentation.


Regarding SSL error, what is your OS? There was a fix for windows recently to use system ssl store which should avoid such issues. I’m not sure if it’s included in 6.0.2 release, you may have to install testing build. Downloads | KiCad EDA

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