KiCad 6.0 Mac copy/paste hierarchical sheet causes crash

I have a schematic with nested hierarchical blocks. In one of the nested blocks I have a hierarchical block that is repeated 15 times. I modified the block and when copy/pasting the blocks, I could get 3 blocks placed, but the 4th would constantly crash KiCad. Duplicating the block had the same results. Going to do some more testing with a new design fresh in 6 and see if I run into the same problem.

The Mac problem report is quite long, but can add it if needed.

Edit 1: Just got a specific error “KiCad Schematic Editor Error: Unhandled exception class:St12length_error what:vector”

Edit 2: Issue created with attached project and screen recording of the problem.

please open a bug report on the bug tracker and attach the mac problem report. They may ask you for other info as well.

Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab or Help → Report a Bug

It may be necessary to attach the project or a similar project which causes the crash. Give detailed steps to replicate the problem with that project.

EDIT: and tell us here if you report it, giving a link to the report.

See Edit 2 above. I’ve reported, here is a link to the issue.

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