[Kicad 6.0.9] Compiling List of Python Reference Resources (Open Source Plugins etc)

I’m coming from Altium and thinking custom scripts could help automate some of the more tedious tasks, like replicating component layout etc.

I understand that there isn’t much Python documentation currently.
Is there autogenerated documentation for v6?

Whilst in time this may be solved: “V7 has a planned rewrite of the python interface to be formally declared.”, I would appreciate some scripting now.

Please list any links to v6 working python code for both the Schematic and PCB editors.
There must be standalone scripts out there that just directly modify the human-readable files. This is will be my primary approach.

In an ideal world, this could lead to a list of Kicad Python example recipes.
Similar to CadQuery Examples — CadQuery Documentation

: )

There is a big list of various tools here

Also there are a bunch of plugins in official kicad repo in plugin manager.

Autogenerated docs for pcbnew v6 python api are here KiCad Pcbnew Python Scripting: pcbnew Namespace Reference

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Perfect! Google failed me, was hoping to find compiled resources.

With 6.0.x you should also look at available addons via KiCad’s Plugin and content manager (PCM). There might already be a solution to some of your problems/wishes

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