Kicad 6.0.8 - PCBnew - Command Position Relative To... buggy maybe?

  • In previous version 6.0.7 this command Position Relative To moves the origin of the footprint to the new location.
  • But in version 6.0.8 this command moves the first pad of the foot print to the new location.
  • On some rare cases (randomly by chance or some unknown condition), it use the start point of a graphic (a line on silkscreen) or a different pad other than pad 1 as the argument for the function. I found it weird but couldn’t reproduce this behaviour readily.

If I understand correctly, this is basically moving object by point to point command, 1st point on the moving object and 2nd point on the target location.

I checked the “whatsnew” of this version 6.0.8 but couldn’t find this “change”. So I suppose this is a bug.

I use this command a lot. In fact, I would like to write a plugin or maybe using auto hotkey to click the buttons on the dialog for me.

Agree, hotkey “Shift P” doesn’t work properly and is also badly laid out and poorly explained.

First, you must set Local Origin (dx & dy), then you need to Left click “Select Item”, then highlight the item, then Left click either “Use Local Origin (dx & dy)” or “Use Grid Origin”.

No matter where you highlight to select the footprint, whether it is SM or TH, or where else the footprint origin is (I tried a modified footprint origin also), the resultant move is always to the centre of pad 1.

I’ve never used this function and it took a while to understand…not at all intuitive as well as not working correctly.


An issue here was created for this same problem in 6.99 a few days ago.

I added the same problem is being experienced with 6.0.8, along with your observations about earlier versions.

Hope its not hard to fix this

It seems 6.0.9 will have the fix. There is discussion about 7 in the above link I posted… it is worth reading.

Indeed, 6.0.9 does fix this :+1:


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