KiCad 6.0.7 - Release Notes

I’ve updated Kicad to 6.0.7 some minutes ago, I am wondering where I can find the release notes. Maybe I am being quite fast asking this.

From 6.0.6 to 6.0.7 is only allowed bug fix, not any new features.
Despite a release notes is note available, it is possible to catch on the change title into the repository Commits v6.0.7
Because all changes are tagged as v6 roadmap (continuation)
Issues v6.x

We haven’t actually announced 6.0.7 yet and there may be release notes once we do.

Since Linux distros are all managed by various separate distro maintainers we have no control over, you got the release a day or two early


KiCad’s release notes are on Release Notes | KiCad EDA But if those are updated before the newer version is available, then people start complaining about that.

So all you have to do is be a bit patient.


If 6.0.7 release follows the previous v6 releases, once all platforms are available there should be an announcement on the main KiCad website blog.

Patience, grasshopper.

Where did you get 6.0.7 package? I have checked KiCAD website download page, it’s still 6.0.6.

No rush, I was just curious to check what was done. Thanks anyways.

I get them from here

Off topic I know, but it’s been many years since I saw that comment… brought a smile to my face!
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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KiCad is packaged for several different windows versions, linux distributions and even for fruit brand operating systems, and they can’t be updated all at exactly the same time. The packaging is also done by different people, depending on the operating system that KiCad is being packaged for, and (I assume) they are all volunteers. I expect those packages to be made over a few days. If one of those people happens to be on vacation, maybe it takes a week or more before someone else notices this and correct it.

Normally first the updates themselves are made available before they are announced on the website.

Good things come to those who wait.

Release notes released


There it is, thanks Seth.

Is it only me or is the link on windows download page pointing to wrong file?
The link is pointing to kicad-6.0.7_1-x86_64.exe and it returns 404 on all mirrors while kicad-6.0.7-x86_64.exe (without _1) seems to be working.

Maybe it was not uploaded for windows yet. I checked and got the same response as you.

Yes, the link on the site is wrong, there is no _1. We’ll get this fixed.

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