KiCad 6.0.7 3D viewer renders everything except PCB board itself

Hi there,

I’ve just installed KiCad 6.0.7 after upgrading from version 5.
Everything works fine except a strange issue in 3D viewer where everything get rendered except the PCB board itself including the vias/traces etc. The part models render fine. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Anyone able to help me fix this one?

Have you checked that the board outline segments are contiguous all the way around?
If there is a gap, even a very small one that you don’t see unless you zoom in a lot, I think this might happen.

There might also be some settings in the 3D viewer where you can switch off the rendering of the board, check those.

I’m sure someone else will give you more ideas.

The 3D viewer would issue a warning/error in this case afaik.

Yes the board outline (Edge.Cuts layer) is continuous all the way around the outside.

The examples in the picture above is actually one of the demo projects included with KiCad (kit-dev-coldfire-xilinx_5213)

I recommend opening the 3D-Viewer - that will enable access to:
Kicad>Preferences>3D Viewer

There you can set visibily of various things…

screenshot shows the same Demo you have but, I clicked some boxes and you can see examples below…

Note: I relocated the Demo’s to a folder that’s not setup (I don’t like default setup) so, many of the Demo’s models are not accessible to the Demo file, thus ignore that many models are not showing…)

Default Pref’s Panel

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