KiCad 6.0.7-1 update schematic from PCB dialog does not work

Hi, with Kicad 6.0.7-1 on Arch Linux, the update schematic from PCB and update PCB from schematic menu options do the following:

  • a dialog does not appear
  • schematic and layout windows will not close

Another user is seeing the same thing.

6.0.6 did not have this problem.

Anyone else seeing this with 6.0.7 on Linux?

BTW, I no longer have tiny text on my 4K screens – that is a nice improvement – probably due to wx library updates that I saw get pulled in.

I am seeing the same behavior in v6.0.7 on Linux Mint 21. Have you found a solution? Thanks!


It’s a bug in 6.0.7 that was fixed. Bugfix will be in 6.0.8 which is due out at the end of the month