Kicad 6.0.7-1 Fedora - /usr/share/kicad/3dshapes empty

As per the title, wondering if this is a thing since v5 or if it’s a bug to file with Fedora.

I guess they don’t include due to the size. Zipped up the .wrl and 110Mb.

Do a:

rpm -qf /usr/share/kicad/3dshapes

to see what package the directory belongs to. (Or whatever the equivalent dnf command is, I haven’t used Fedora for ages.) If none, then it would have been created by a previous deleted version or outside of the packaging system. On my openSUSE system this directory doesn’t exist but /usr/share/kicad/3dmodels does.

On Fedora 35-36 etc. the package kicad-packages3d puts 3D-models into the folder /usr/share/kicad/3dmodels (same folder as in openSUSE).

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